Why Heart & Sleep?

Although the exact cause of 10x increase of sleep apnea in heart patients is unknown, some of the following associations include:

  • Narrowed blood vessels with increased sympathetic nervous system activity
  • Increased blood-clotting chemical
  • Increased inflammation and plaque-forming factors
  • Increased insulin levels

These associations may explain high risk of:

  • Acute Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Unstable Blood Pressure
  • Irregular Heart Rhythm
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Sudden Death (according to a study, 40% of deaths are during sleep)

Am I at Risk?

Just like Heart Disease, Sleep Apnea can also be silent.

Signs and symptoms include but are not limited to: obesity, large neck, snoring, day time sleepiness, fatigue, GERD, early morning headaches, uncontrolled blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

Sleeping with the Enemy:

High prevalence of Sleep Apnea is heart attack, stroke, sudden death, seizures, and myocardial infarction, among others.

Other factors with high prevalence of Sleep Apnea:

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Chronic pain medications
  • Regular alcohol use
  • Night shift workers
  • Long distance drivers
  • Athletes with energy drinks and supplement use
  • Psychiatric illness
  • Unexplained migraines, seizures, altered mental status, dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, and restless leg syndrome