Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Disease
By Heart & Sleep Clinics of America
June 13, 2022
Category: Heart Conditions
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It's a grim statistic that is quoted often, how heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States with about half of Americans at risk and with numbers constantly rising. But as deadly as heart disease can be, for most, even those exposed to the different risk factors, it may be possible to prevent or manage the condition with the help of your Arlington, TX, cardiologist. Learn more about heart disease and what you can do to protect yourself by reaching out to Heart & Sleep Clinics of America with Dr. Atif Sohail.

Types of Heart Disease and Symptoms

Heart disease typically encompasses a range of heart-related conditions that can negatively impact the regular function of your cardiovascular system. Conditions that can affect the rhythm of your heartbeat, the ability of your arteries to provide blood to your extremities, can damage the integrity of the heart.

Because these are different types of conditions they each can manifest equally varied signs and symptoms. Some of the most common can include chest pain, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeats, fatigue, and fever, among others. But if you experience any of them it's always a good idea to speak with your doctor.

Heart Disease Treatment in Arlington, TX

To diagnose heart disease, specifically the type that is ailing you, your doctor will take into account your symptoms, and your risk factors, including family and medical history, and perform a physical examination. Blood tests and other noninvasive examinations, such as imaging tests, will usually also be performed. More invasive tests may be called for if there isn't a conclusive outcome to other types of tests.

Treatment often involves a change of lifestyle along with the use of medication that can treat or manage your condition.

If you are looking to prevent heart disease complications you can schedule a consultation in Arlington, TX, with Heart & Sleep Clinics of America with Dr. Sohail by dialing (817) 419-7220.