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By Heart & Sleep Clinics of America
August 08, 2022
Category: Health
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Your diet can affect many aspects of your life and a proper diet varies for each person. You may not be sure exactly what you should be eating in a day or if you’re picking the right foods. A healthy diet should be easy, and it can feel complicated when you aren’t sure what you should be doing. Dr. Atif Sohail at Heart & Sleep Clinics of America in Arlington, TX, can explain how a nutritionist can help improve your life by consulting you on what a healthy diet should like for your lifestyle.

How a Nutritionist Can Help You

You may not realize that your diet can affect so much of your life, including your sleep habits and other aspects of health. Your doctor in Arlington, TX, can explain when you should see a nutritionist and how they can help adjust your lifestyle and improve your quality of life.

When you’re having issues losing weight or you notice that you aren’t sleeping well, it could be that your diet isn’t properly managed and needs to be adjusted. Meeting with a nutritionist allows you to have an unbiased party look at what you’re eating in a day and see what could be changed. You may be missing important nutrients, or you may not realize that you’re either eating too little or too much.

Your nutritionist will discuss your medical history and help you fully understand what a healthy diet may consist of. This can give you the tools you need to reach your long term and short term goals. You can also meet with a nutritionist to deal with food sensitivities. Working with a nutritionist may point out triggers that you may not have previously noticed.

Contact Your Doctor Today

Find out what a healthy diet should be. Contact Dr. Atif Sohail at Heart & Sleep Clinics of America in Arlington, TX, to learn how a nutritionist can help change your life. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment today at (817) 419-7220.

By Heart & Sleep Clinics of America
June 29, 2022
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With all the many different factors that can affect your sleep, is it any wonder that what you eat and drink also has an influence? It's not always as simple as the effect that caffeine has on your body, maintaining proper nutrition can benefit you and your overall health in many ways. It is also not a simple solution to just being told to eat better, so if you need help with your nutrition you can depend on your Arlington, TX, health experts of Heart & Sleep Clinics of America with Dr. Atif Sohail.

Sleep Apnea and Other Sleep Disorders

Of the possible sleep disorders you may develop as a result of poor nutrition, or worsen as a result of it, is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is more than just snoring at night, although snoring is certainly a symptom. With sleep apnea, your airway becomes more and more obstructed as you sleep until it closes completely and your body wakes you in order to take a breath. You may not be aware in the morning of this happening, but your body will certainly feel it, and it's a cycle that repeats many times overnight.

Obesity is a known likely cause of sleep apnea, fat deposits surrounding the respiratory tract can narrow the airway leading to sleep apnea complications.

Alcohol can also worsen sleep apnea symptoms and may lead to other sleep problems like sleepwalking and sleep talking, along with amplifying the mood and memory issues of sleep apnea.

Heartburn, whether it's sporadic or chronic, can also affect your sleep apnea symptoms as well as bring its own set of problems. Acid reflux can make it very difficult to go to sleep and it is often caused, or made worse, by eating certain foods or eating too much just before going to sleep.

Nutrition Services and Sleep Help in Arlington, TX

Your sleep and nutrition professionals can take into account every aspect of your diet, your sleep concerns, as well as your health history to develop an individualized nutrition program.

For assistance with sleep and nutrition in Arlington, TX you can schedule a consultation with Heart & Sleep Clinics of America with Dr. Sohail by dialing (817) 419-7220.

By Heart & Sleep Clinics of America
February 17, 2022
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Liver disorders can result from a variety of different sources, ranging from genetics, lifestyle, and other deteriorative conditions. Unattended and untreated, liver failure can become more likely, a condition that can often only be treated through transplant. But for the most part, liver-related disorders can be managed and often prevented with early treatment and positive lifestyle changes. If you are interested in preventing possible liver disorders, especially if they run in your family, you can turn to your Arlington, TX, health professionals for help. Contact with Dr. Atif Sohail of Heart & Sleep Clinics of America to learn about all the ways their experts can help.

Liver Disease

Your liver is encharged with a key role as part of your digestive system in separating nutrients and waste. Your liver can become damaged and affect the natural function of your whole body, and it's this condition that's typically labeled a liver disorder or disease, as the specific cause can vary.

Liver disease can scar the liver, creating scar tissue, and more of it replaces your healthy tissue it can affect the efficacy and health of your liver, possibly leading to liver failure or liver cancer.

Know the Signs

It can sometimes be difficult to notice the earliest symptoms, so the following are typically a cause for concern and a reason to see your doctor.

Jaundice is the most common sign that your liver is not working as it should, it manifests with yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes. This happens because your liver is unable to properly process a substance called bilirubin.

Other signs to look for include abdominal pain, specifically at the spot where your liver is located, bruising easily, changes to the color of your urine or stool, and swelling of arms and legs, among others.

Treatment for Liver Disorders in Arlington, TX

Positive lifestyle changes can be the most beneficial way to prevent liver disorders and to improve your overall health.

Your local Arlington, TX, dietitians can provide nutrition counseling, either in person or through telehealth technology, to help you improve your diet.

Through body composition and biometric analysis, they can create a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.

An important benefit they provide is what is called grocery store tours, which can help you learn to read and understand food labels, to learn about alternatives to foods, healthy snacks, and can even help you pick out healthy ingredients for your favorite recipes.

For help lessening your chances of developing liver disorders and to improve your overall health schedule a consultation today in Arlington, TX, with Dr. Sohail of Heart & Sleep Clinics of America by dialing (817) 419-7220.